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Caron Smith

My daughter and I cut out different shapes for people to iron on applique on plain onesies for a baby shower. I didn't have the Fabric Slice and used my regular Slice. The ladies had lots of fun.

Tracy Forsberg

It's in the making, but I will use Slice to cut our shapes to applique onto a cloth floor mat for my grandsons to run their Hot Wheels on...


My daughter works in a medical clinic and I
made all the nurses and medical assistants
names with my slice, attached them to cards
for their assignment boards. Each one is
different and has a different font on
colorful paper with slice shapes accenting
each card. Only trouble is when someone new
starts at the clinic I have to make another
new name!

Michelle Barry

All of my Christmas presents were wrapped in brown paper and then covered in words describing the person I was giving the gift to. They loved it!


I think my most unique project was a clock that had squares for photos, but instead of photos I filled them with 3D embellishments, made with my Slice, to match the colors of the room!

Erika Gallardo

My unique project was making two piƱatas with the slice machine. I cut out some shapes to makes their faces and names (Brobee and Todee from yo gabba gabba). They were perfect and very cute everybody loved them!


Guess I haven't gotten too creative other than using my Slice for scrapbook pages and cards, though there is a Christmas ornament idea I've been wanting to try with it.

Tamika J

When I was teaching crafting classes at an Assited Living facility I would bring my Slice along to cut flowers to adorn the residents projects. It went especially well to use the leaves and flowers to make wreaths that they could hang on their doors.

Linda Bragg

My most unique project I have made with my slice is all the decorations for our New Years Eve party my favorite was numbers for a large wall clock and small clocks for the table.

Ingvar K./Dilly Dally

I once created a 3D garden/park birthday greeting. Pretty unique and very cool:-) I used the Slice machine to cut out the letters (I only have letters to use with my Slice machine). Very Cool, people loved it and they loved the beautiful letters :-)

Marilyn Strain

I'm a scary cat because I've only used my Slice to cut out card stock to make cards for b'days and Christmas.

Amanda Outland

What is the most unique thing/craft that you have created with your Slice?

All of my niece's Minnie Mouse (3rd Birthday & then more for her bedroom) decorations.

I love my slice!

Wendy Potts

Words and decorations for a family photo montage. Slice is fantastic


I have cut out the alphabet to make a blanket for my granddaughter and many different animals to make a quilt for my newest grandchild that should be here in April.

Mary Hildenbrand

Using it whenever I can. Baby shower confetti, owl flag, animal train pillow, pumpkin cut out and a pillow case with grandson's name. So many ideas to do.

Lisa Johnson Cowell

I have not ventured too far into the extraordinary. I have made all the invitations to my granddaughter's birthday party that had lettering and owls on the front, lettering and flowers on the second with the center cut out of the flower and her photo inserted, just lettering on the third page, and a tree with all kinds of fruit on the fourth. Overkill, I know, but I had just gotten my Slice, and wanted to do all kinds of different things with it. It took me several weeks to cut and paste everything because we invited a LOT of people.

Denise Johnston

I like to made empty bottles as gifts, and of course Slice is best, perfect size, love my Slice !!!!!!

Marjeen N.

I am a newbie so haven't been all that adventurous yet. I have made a card.


I use my slice for work projects and for all my scrapbooking, I know that doesn't sound so unique but it sure makes my projects stand out.Sometimes I just like coutting things out for no reason

Renee Smith

I love using my slice to make napkin rings - they always come out pretty!

Pam Spradlin

My husband was running for mayor of our city. We were on a limited income for the campaign so I used my Slice to make decals for our vehicle windows. I used regular vinyl that you use for your cupboard lining and cut out Vote for ... for Mayor. As election day got nearer I also added the day of the voting. It stayed on the windows for over 2 months and not one letter fell off even when it rained.

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