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Would love to have this design card!!

Melissa Tom

The 4th house. Look at that porch! I would love to spend my nights looking at the stars and watching the kids.


My favorite house is the one I'm in now. It's the first home I've owned. It's tiny, there isn't enough closet space, but I love it!


Hmmmm, I've only lived in three houses so far, so I guess it would be the one I am currently in. I love being able to watch my kids grow up in it. Although it's over 100 years old and was a fixer-upper (still is!), it has so far been a joy to live in.

Pam Spradlin

I love the house that we live in now...We had lived in the house for 5 years and decided to add a sunroom to the side of the house. Best decision ever! We decided not to put curtains up so we have loads of light in there. I can't believe how much we use the room. And best of all I have enough room to have a crafting table out there.

Elke Sperling

Well my favourite house to live in is our current one in East Frisia Germany


My favorite house is the one I lived in during the 90s. It was close to town, but had a country feel. We had a garden and a small pond. It had a large open kitchen. I miss it. My current house is smaller, has a tiny kitchen, and feels cramped.

Janin Cromarty

My favourite house is my current house; lots of light, lots of room and best of all, lots of love - located in leafy Hampshire (no, not New Hampshire, but Hampshire in England). Do I still qualify?
(Cozy Cottage would make lovely designs for tea cosies!)

Terri Childers

My favorite house that I have lived in is the one I live in now. My husband and I looked for almost 2 years for a home to raise our children and when we finally found this one, that's exactly what we did. My girls are grown and gone now but, but this will always be their home.

katherine hayward

The 7th cottage/house; I could pretend to be a princess in the Tower.


Hmmm I have owned so many houses and quite frankly loved each one for what it was at the time in my life I bought it. The city townhouse, the country house with horse barn, the beach house on the ocean, the "bedroom community" home in a great school district, the city loft, and now the 2 story on 2 acres of woods.


I loved the 1st one from last row reminds me of my parents home.. :)

Laura S.

My favorite house is the one I live in now. Lots of windows overlooking the beautiful lake.


My current house where I live in is the perfect one for us. We lived here for 4 years and is a dream house.


My husband built the first house we lived in. It was a split-level. My dad did the painting. Bob's brother and friends helped him with all of the work. About the only thing we had done professionally was the roofing. We had two kids while living in that house. I hated to leave but eventually I couldn't do the stairs any more and we moved into a ranch style. I still go by the old house and check on it's well-being. I've grown to love our new home but still have good memories of our first home.

Kin San

I live with a friend so no home of my own but would love to own the I can for now create a fabric home.

Victoria Campbell

Being a student, I've moved house every year except one for the last 8 years! I loved the one we stayed in for 2 years in bradford, however the decor was awful! If I had owned the beautiful old gridback terrace house it wuold have looked beautiful. The rooms were massive (except the kitchen) with lovely high ceilings and it had a basement that could have been converted as it was also a massive room.
The house I am currently renting is a beautiful small semi detached house open plan downstairs and I love this feature.

Danielle G

The house I live in now because I have an amazing craft room (where i have a whole Slice cutting station setup) and I'm so thankful for it. Great design card and thanks for the chance to win!

Bonnie O

Would have to be the one we're in now ... room enough for a wonderful craft studio! Never thought I'd have this much room to devote to my love of all things crafty!


It is my birthday the 4th of august and I would love to have this great card as a present. I hope I win!!

Lisa Cowell

My favorite house to live in was my maternal grandparents' farmhouse. It was over 100 years old, so lacked many amenities. Even though we had to use the outhouse on occasion, and the electricity was spotty at best, my best childhood memories come from living on the farm with my grandparents, taking care of the gardens and animals, and playing in the many out buildings.

Amanda Outland

Describe the house that has been your most favorite to live in:

The one DH and I rented several years ago. 3bd/2ba, fireplace, garden tub, walk in closet, huge pantry, what wasn't to love? If only we could move that place here.

jean burr

Our current house is my favorite our daughter was born here and now our grand daughters are enjoying our home

Amy Schmackle

This would make neat Christmas cards!

Marilyn Strain

I loved a Spanish style house we lived in years ago. It had a sunken living room. The master bedroom suite had two separate bathrooms and closets. The garage was in the back off a paved alleyway. The kitchen had over 100 cabinets and drawers and a large laundry room off the kitchen. When we moved, I wished I could just move that house with me. This house I'm in now for 25 years and hopefully will be my permanent home.

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