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Liz R

Coolest thing I've ever seen at the circus? WOW that is a hard question, I always love the Tigers, but the acrobats were awesome too. I really just love the circus...

ja from pa

Pink horse at a pink themed circus (which we can make with this card). But le Cirque de Sole takes any cake, does it not? Hope I win.

Kristina Snowden

The coolest thing I saw as a child at the circus was trapeze artists who hung from their hair and used their long hair like ropes to move from swing to swing. Thanks for the chance to win!

Jerry Madden

I love my slice have had since 1st on QVC.

heather k

I would have to say, the family of trapeze artists. they were in sync with each other.

Kin San

I love to see in circus all the acrobats..they are awesome.

Janet M

Coolest thing I've seen at the circus was the acrobats who were on a movable ring device, not a tightrope. The ring/cage would spin and they would jump rope on the top of it.

Linda Bragg

I think the coolest thing is the trapeze artist.


rode the elephant. tons of fun.


coolest thing i've seen at a circus was my friend performing! Our college had a circus and it was fun to see all her hard work pay off at performances.


I visited circus only once and must say love how they perform in sync everyone does it right. Delight to watch such perfomance.


The tiger act was always cool!

Lee Q.

The high wire acts always gave me the biggest thrill, especially when they performed without a net. It was the animals acts that made me smile; I just loved the big cats -lions & tigers, oh my!


One circus there was a fellow who rode a motorcycle on a tightrope...right above us!


I am not a circus fan as such but the coolest memory of circus I have is visiting 1st time with my parents and all the animals.

Heidi Muska

I definitely love the flying trapeze! I'm afraid of heights, so I get chills every time! What an awesome card! So many cute things on it! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

jenny drain

a round cage with 3 people each riding a dirt bike all at the same time

Anna Daly

I always loved the clowns at the circus! :)

Lisa Cowell

Oh, yea. I do not have the Circus card yet. I have only been to one circus in a very small town, so we didn't have much, but I do like the acrobats, jugglers, and the little dogs riding bicycles are pretty cute, too!

Candace Thwaites

I loved the trapeze acts.

Roxanne Sears

Circus's are just sooo much fun to go to. I'd have to say the trapeze act has always been stunning- I've always been a bit afraid of heights so this act just amazes me.

Belinda K-N

The human cannonball is pretty cool...and I always enjoy the trained dogs - they are quite amazing and do the coolest tricks!

Jalayne Van Gorden

The coolest thing I have ever seen at the circus are the TIGERS!!!

Dianna D.

Oh, my! I haven't been to a circus since I was a child and then only once or twice. But I do remember I loved the tigers and the trapeze artists.

Thanks for the chance to win another great design card!

Victoria Campbell

I can never take my eyes off the acrobats. I love them :)

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