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I have used it in panera while I was showing how slice works...lol...thanks for the chance to win I really hope I win this time.


I have taken my slice to the my husbands office. lol Started cutting things out and boy did he look at me funny haha.

Love the bag! hope i win!


I've taken my slice machine to my bedroom for crafting during my baby's sleep ;) Thank you so much for the chance to win.

Erika Gallardo

While I was on my way to work on the bus. I told my sister I had seen the video on craftygemini and it was giving to me as a b-day gift so I showed her all the cool features it has and the nice and crip cuts it makes. We started a little project while riding the bus. Lol That's what I call making memories!!! <3

VeryUnique Creations

I don't have a slice machine yet, but I've been known to craft on various tropical beaches as I live in French Polynesia.
This bag is amazing - thanks for the chance to win!


I've taken it to the camp grounds to show off hoping others would like to buy some have woo hoo

Tiffiney Voorhees

Always at the kitchen table! That is the biggest area for my scrap booking mess!Love my slice and would not give it up for anything!


I was seam ripping an old dress shirt to make into a purse, while waiting for my doctor in a very high end doctors office. You can bet that me and my popping threads were the center of attention! Lol.

Fawn B.

The most random place I've ever crafted is probably my work desk during my lunch break....hey every spare minute counts with a toddler and the holidays!


Probably the most random place of crafted is the doctors office waiting for appointment.

Frank Bragg

The most random place I have used the slice is in the hospital waiting room with my daughter making a card for my wife.

Jalayne Van Gorden

I have just gotten my slice and not a traveler with it yet. I always take some type of crafty activity with me to the bowling alley while I watch my husband bowl! Love the bag!

Amanda Diliberto

I have taken my Slice to the casino and used it in the casino hotel room while my husband was playing poker!


My Slice goes with me on our annual scrapping/fishing weekend away from the maddening crowds into the bush. I live in South Africa so it's easy to just get away from it all. The Slice is so portable and definitely travels well!! I would love to win this bag to make traveling with it easier. Thanks for the opportunity!

laura d

a hotel room is as adventurous as I go! Would love to win this for my little baby--she currently travels in a box (lame, i know!)

Krisha Arias

To my sons football field when we were making banners for homecoming! Love my slice!!!

lori washburn

my slice always goes when I visit my granddaughters and when I scrap with my sisters.


Sadly my slice has not had the chance to travel but if I could take it away I would like to use it in India and have some of the shapes appliqu├ęs onto the lovely clothes I get made while I am there. The most random place I craft is in the garden which isn't really that random if I win the bag perhaps I can get a bit more adventurous!

Jodie R

The most random place I have ever crafted was in my boss's office. I brought my Slice in and we cut letters for the lunchroom bulletin board. They came out awesome!

charlotte howett

My most random place would be in a tiny corner of my dining room. If I had the bag it could travel with me in my car.

Amanda Outland

If you have a Slice, where is the most random place you've taken it?

I don't really craft anywhere but home, so the most random place I've taken it is Mom's to show her & my sister how it works.

Gina g.

The most random place I have taken my slice to was on vacation to Las Vegas (of all places)!

Scrap mommy

I have brought my slice to work with me. It was slow at the office, so I had some spare time to scrap :)

A Facebook User

I have brought it to work and used it

Ed's wife

I have used my slice at a cabin in Durango Colorado. Beautiful place to scrapbook!

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