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 Jo-Ann Kaschak

Our dog Dazzle-Dog is my favorite critter.

MaryJo Marshall

I love the little skunk on this card. Would really like to win this, thank you for the chance.


Deer. Because I am blessed to be living with them.


I love owls, we have one fly over our house each dusk it's so lovely to see it swoop off silently.

Amanda Outland

My favorite critter is probably the frog.

Laura Ross-Giroux

Cats, always entertaining!


That's a hard question for me. I have 4 dogs and 3 cats. Avid animal lover. But I've always wanted a tortoise. They are my absolute favorite! Thanks for the chance.?

Frank Bragg

My favorite critter is a penguin.


My favorite critter is my little yorkie Bear. She keeps me company and keeps me moving. We're together 24/7 so I have a problem if I want to be away for a few days. She has terrible separation anxiety.
I love my Slice and would love to have this cartridge to use for my greeting cards.


I love humming birds.They're small, fast and gorgeous.

Cathy Lasky

My dog Cody. He is a pure pred 86lb German shorthair pointer. He is 9 years old and is a very loving dog. He can be sitting on one end of the sofa and if my husband sits next to me, he has to come over and practically lay on my lap to protect me. It's so funny. He doesn't growl or bite, just needs me to know he is there for me. :)

Danielle G

Definitely my two black labs, Lucy and Ricky. Favorite critter on the card? Definitely that adorable little skunk!

Lisa Barber

My favorite critter is my dog Sammie. She is a "bull in a china shop" and has no grace but that makes her unique.

Jalayne Van Gorden

My favorite critter is a squirrel. I am like a dog chasing a squirrel. I am in the middle of doing something and next thing I know a squirrel has gotten my attention and I am off doing something else!

Randi Wells

I love Skinny Pigs:)

Allyson D

My favorite is a polar bear. Favorite on the card? The boy and girl owl.


My favorite is mouse!!!forever


Easy peesy...my puppy Rue Rue. Favorite species...toss up between the groundhog (fat and waddly) and the hedgehog (fat and prickly). BTW. Rue Rue is NOT fat.

Robin Love

My cat Monster is my favorite critter! Named after the fact that when he was a tiny kitten he would hide under my bed and playfully attack my feet! Reminded me of when you're a kid and you're scared of the monster under your bed!

Anna Daly

I love the owls!

Vanessa L

My favorite would be monkeys! Thanks for the chance to win this adorable design card!

Anna K.

Our miniature dachshund, Rosie. She's so small and full of energy. She gives my family and I hours of laughter and lots of love. Can't imagine our lives without her.

Mary D

I just think raccoons are too darn cute.

Trish Hanson

I love the deer! So Cute!

Brittany Allred

Dachshunds. They have the most distinctive little shape.

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