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I love my Slice!


the most organized thing in my house isn't even my craft room!!! if you could believe that! it is actually my PANTRY!!! there's something about an organized pantry that just make my cooking so much more pleasant!! but when i me organized... everything is in height order, cans go a certain shelf, boxes in another... its almost like OCD!!

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!! Love your products!


Honestly, the most organized area is my sewing corner. Everything else is a hot mess!!

Maria Wolff

Mainly my scrapbooking room but I'm working on my parents 50th anniversary book and it's a little messy from working on that.

Mary Storms

The most organized thing in my home is my silverware drawer!

jairis jackson

The most organized thing in my house would have to be my husband !!!!!!!!!!!! anything I touch becomes a hunt to find where I left it in no time !!!!!!!!! love the idea of all these tools in one handy pouch !

Kim Keeler

The most organized thing in my home is my closet. I'm a little ocd about arranging colors and types of things there. I love my Slice and would love to have these extra tools!

Jalayne Van Gorden

The most organized thing in my house is my homeschooling closet and even that seems to be an organized chaos!


The most organized room is my teenage daughter's closet. We put an organizer in her closet and now she has a place for everything. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! I would enjoy trying your products.

emma mansour

Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. After becoming a new mom, crafting is my only peace of mind!!


I wish I could answer that my craftroom was the most organized. It's probably the most chaotic one. The most organized is my kitchen cupboards.

I luv this giveaway! Happy weekend!

Nina O'Leary

Love Slice!! Using for applique!!

Cheryl Utz

My most organized room would be my utility/laundry room! It's crazy because that is where all the cleaning supplies/ washer dryer and such. But everything seems to stay in place and organized!

Tiffany Kaldy

My most organized area in the house is my bathroom. Everything has its place and if it is out of place look out!


The MOST organized spacee in my home (kinda OCD with being organized!) I will have to say is my craft room--I need organization to be inspired!

Katrina Kahn

The most organized thing in the house is our movie (DVD) collection!

Liisa Krause

My most organized room is the kitchen. Cooking dinner is a lot more stress-free when you know where everything is.


Sad to say, but my most organized area is my car.


The most organized thing in my house would be mine and my husbands dressers. Everything has it's place and it makes putting clothes away fast.

Lueanna bracha

The most organized area would be the bookshelves, lol, have to find stuff there

Michelle M

Well, there isn't much organization in my house right now, but I just re-organized the master closet, so that is the most organized part of my house right now.

Fran Woods

The most organized room in my life is my grooming shop. I use my slice to cut out collar slides that I designed from fabric.

Debbi atherton

Unfortunately...it's not my craft room. it is my kitchen. ut I am working on my craft room. I usually have more than 1 project going on in there and nothing gets put away!

Andrea Poss

The most organized room in my house has got to be my bedroom closet! I am a nerd about it and it must be in rainbow order!!

Melany Neal

My husband's office is the most organized place in our house, lol!

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