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When the weather keeps me at home, I brew some tea, and either, bring out my hand sewing, or sit at the sewing machine. I actually like it when the fog rolls in and you can not see to drive!


I'm at a stay at home mom so I've ventured into a lot of different crafts to keep me entertained. The hard part for me is what to do with the kids when The weather is bad. Usually we watch movies or play board games. Thanks for the chance.


Under most circumstances, whenever I can, I will read so that would be my answer!

laura dassance

reading...and crafts, although you can pretty much find me reading all the time.


When weather keeps me home I generally craft, read, can, play games, &/or watch movies!

Loredana Gava

When weather keeps me home i sew, read and play with my children....


Truth be told, lately, I've been doing a lot of surfing on the internet to see greeting card designs. I'm just getting into paper crafts. When not surfing, I'm having a warm cup of tea and planning how I'm going to use the appliques in my next quilt.


Our favorite thing to do is to snuggle up on the couch with lots of cozy blankets, drink hot chocolate and watch our favorite movies :)

Jalayne Van Gorden

Those are awesome designs and have so much potential!!


I like to stick a CD on and sing along very loudly, and very badly while I either sew or bake. We have snow forecast for the weekend and next week so I am looking forward to a good excuse to get through some of my fabric stash or maybe to make some felt.

Jessica Monte

Ooooh i would love to win this set. it is so cute.....

Jessica Monte

Sorry i misses the question. i love to play wii with my daughter are we love ti make crafts...

Danielle May

When I'm stuck at home because of the weather I am so happy! I can use my Slice to start a new quilt!

Marilyn Strain

First I surf the net and read Blogs...then I love to cook, so I put something in the oven or crockpot and start on my cards or quilts. The Slice is great for cutting designs for both my cards & quilts. Retirement is truly wonderful.

Patsy Tooley

Cool card, I haven't got a new one in a while.

Jo-Ann Kaschak

Clean a drawer or cupboard, call a friend on the phone, cook or bake something that's fattening and/or comforting, make a card and send a thinking of you note or card to a person that has not heard from me for awhile.

ja from pa

What to leave OFF the list is the hardest part. I LOVE staying home on bad weather days and am grateful to not be driving. That being said, here's my list of favs:
1. Sleep in if I feel like it.
2. Play outside if there's snow - sledding, skiing, snowshoeing.
3. Crank up the crock pot...and the bread machine.
4. Snooze away the post outside play rush with cuddly dog or cat (or both)
5. Regress into that old "you're stuck on a boat [really your bed] game with pets, books, teapot, snacks
6. H-O-T T-U-B with or without cocktails, maybe both
7. Gaze out the windows at the wildlife. Get hypnotized to falling snow if there is some.
8. Check in on the elderly neighbors. Help them shovel if necessary. (This IS a favorite thing to do. I love helping the neighbors.
9. Complete a craft, writing, or cleaning project.
10. Deck out the latest comfy jammies.

And that's only the top 10.

Hope I win the tea party card. It's been on my list a LONG time.

Anita Spencer

I enjoy working on craft projects or watching a good movie.

Amie T

When stuck at home because of the weather (more likely extreme heat being in Australia) we play with our two young boys, watch dvds or do some kids 'craft' fun. My craft activities have to wait until after bedtime as they aren't the greatest helpers :)


Play with my Slice-what else?? I also have sewing projects I enjoy working on; organize recipies that I have clipped, and read!


When I'm stuck at home due to weather, I loooooove to dig out some fabric and applique onto baby onesies! It's a great quick craft that doesn't require a lot of planning and you can do a few different designs in an hour or two. They make great gifts for new and expectant moms!


When I am stuck at home I slice and embroidery. Love when it rains or is too cold in Texas. Sew and craft... Love the site thank u

Rachael P

When I'm stuck at home because of the weather, I work on my scrapbooking album - I scrapbook autographs I've collected, which is a really fun way of presenting them! My new year's resolution is also to start craft birthday cards in advance - I've been practicing card making whilst the rain has been keeping me indoors! Cuppa tea, and the TV on in the background - relaxation is here! :0)


I love tea and and when the weather is frightful I like to scrapbook and/or sew quilts.

Michele Bailey

I will be in my craft room scrapbooking when I am stuck at home because of bad weather. Have a great weekend!

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