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Michelle S

This is one of my favorite cards!! Autumn is my favorite season with all it's beautiful fall colors, but all seasons have their own special feel to them. Winter with it's warm, cozy feel; spring with the birds chirping, and summer with it's bright beachy days.

Tracy Forsberg

The fun I could have with this card! I absolutely love the fall - the beautiful colors, the cripness in the air, the colorful decorations of front porches...

laura dassance

something for every holiday/season! I love it! So much potential with this!!!

MaryJo Marshall

i love that this has something for all the holidays. i really like the owl and the ice skates. you could make a lot of great things with this.


Beautiful designs! Thank you for the chance to win!

Vickie E

My favorite season is fall. Seriously.


Fall is my absolute favorite season. I would love to have this card. I love vintage papers, fabric, jewelry, furnishings, etc, etc, etc. :)

Linda's Paperie

My favorite is summer, hot days lounging by the pool with a book and cool drink.

andrea mcdonough

QFall is by far my favorite season of the year

Robin Buchholz

Fall is my favorite season. I live in Mi. so we get to enjoy the beautiful color of fall leaves, Cider Mills and the cooler weather.

Kristina Snowden

Fall, for sure! We still have warm days but cool nights. The turning leaves are beautiful and I get to celebrate Halloween and my birthday!

Krisha Arias

Yes, mine is Fall as well. Love all the colors and the relief from the Hot Texas Summer. Not to cold and not to hot. Not to mention all the Pumpkin flavored yummies that come out of hiding!


Just got my slice last night! Would love to have this!!

Emily Darnell

Forgot to include that winter is my favorite season. I love snow!

Marilyn Strain

Oh, BooHoo, I already have this card...it has beautiful designs for all seasons. If I win, can I choose another card, pretty please.
[email protected]

Sara H

I love autumn... but I love the winter designs on this card!

Diane Standish

Autumn is my favorite! I just wish winter didn't follow!!


This looks like a card you could use for the Baltimore Album quilt (I'd use it for cards.) I love summer. I can have the windows open, sit outside in the fresh air, and dress more comfortably (don't need layers.)

Liz Vellali

My favorite season is fall...the chill in the air, the crunching leaves....the smells. all of it!

Jodie R

Spring is my favorite season. It is really the only season that is really obvious in Sunny Southern California! He! He! Gorgeous card!!!


I love Spring.....all the potential of longer days and sunshine! This is a fabulous card.

Cheryl Kashtan

I love spring because it shows the promise of all the wonderful miracles life has in store for us.

Jo Ann R

You are absolutely correct... this IS the best card you've created thus far!


Fall, of course!

Pam Spradlin

I love the trio of pumpkins, the leaves and acorns, the Christmas tree...I think I like just about everything in this card. My favorites of the seasons change with the weather. I am so ready for cooler weather that right now my favorite season is fall. I do love to watch the trees change color.

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