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ja from pa

Must be a generational thing...that eventually shows up in each generation. Our next gens love snooping in attics and basements hoping to dig up dirt (or dated photos)on their parents. Our kids recently discovered their mom was a majorette in high school. The horror! :)

Michelle in S Africa

We didn't have an attic but I am working on a heritage album and it's been such fun rediscovering my childhood pictures and those of my parents.

Pam Spradlin

I love this font on this card. And is that an old dress form? I think this is a fabulous card that will get used over and over again. We had an attic growing up and my brother and I made a fort up there. Some nights we would even rough it and sleep in there. It was for sure a fun time.

Lisa B

Love the crown on this card!

Jeannette Hall

I would love the Knick Knack card - so,so cute!!!


I love this design card! I can think of many interesting and precious things I could make with it. The hats are calling to me!

Joli Pichot

I have never even been in an attic, but I would love to find an attic like the one from Christmas Vacation!!

Connie Leone

Nice images on this card & also like the letter fonts. Would love to have this card! Thank-you!


cute design card


The master bedroom in my grandmother's old farmhouse had become a storage room by the time I came around as a wee one, and we always referred to it as "the attic." It was full of so many wonderful treasures, and so many great memories!


Loving this card! My attic is just full of junk, nothing exciting :(

Bonnie O

What a great card! All kinds of different "objects" ... would LOVE to add that to my Slice library :-)!

Barb Landes

Such a nice variety of shapes and items:)

Malinda Smith

Such useful knick-knacks! I could put that card to work. :-)

Marilyn Strain

Neither of my Grand-parents had an attic and my parents didn't have one either...but, I have an attic full of great treasures waiting for my relatives. I love all things vintage and would also like to add this design card to my collection.

Lisa Posthumus

I would love to win this card.


Would love to win!


We had an attic growing up but when we moved in we didn't find anything special. Our house now doesn't have one. Thanks for the chance .


No, the closest I ever came to having an attic were a couple of trunks my mom had full of things from her childhood and young adulthood. As cool as they were, I always wanted to have an attic full of the wonderful things attics were full of in the books I read. :)

Teresa Kay

We had an attic that we could only walk on the beams otherwise you would go thru the ceiling!!Always fun to dig thru things and find new treasures..

Diane Standish

WE had a finished attic (a third floor) and it is where my brothers slept-it was very big and a really neat! We lived in a big house, so the third floor was very big and open-I would love to have that house now!


This is so pretty!!!!

Glenda Gosey

What a great design card. I love my slice. I use it even more now that my son is in kindergarten.

Glenda Gosey

Sorry, I was so excited that I forgot to answer the question. Yes my childhood home had an attic. It was the kind with a drop down ladder. We always stored things like Christmas decorations up there. I remember that it was important to always step on the walk boards or risk falling through the floor/ceiling.


Sad but no attics to look through. Lucky to have old sheds. lol not as much fun but fun just the same.

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