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Love this.

Kris Dietz

I don't have a favorite style -- just love quilting! Love this design too.


Sydnee Watson

Love it !!

Katrina Kahn

My favorite quilting style is traditional piecing - probably because I really don't like manually cutting out appliques - this is where the Slice is great for cutting out the appliques for me!

Steph Mitchell

Back when I used to do patchwork and quilting I used to think I would love to make a Baltimore quilt but was sidetracked by scrapbooking and card making. With this it would make that dream more of a possibility after all!

Loredana Gava

My favorite style is definitely applique'. That's why I bought a slice


Love the Slice!


totally love the look..what old become NEW AGAIN...on cards you can use the whole layout or just start the pattern on the portion of the card....it takes your mind to
many place..and none of it is wrong..IT IS ALL RIGHT!!!

Anna K.

This reminds me of the dish towels my grandmother had when I was a child. I love this!


I just recently started sewing so I don't have a favorite style but I gotta say that I'm so glad that the Slice is sticking around. I love my Slice. Thanks for the chance to win.

Denise Adrion

I love the art work on this card, I can see so much use for it (ornaments, scrapbooking, quilts, the list can go on forever).


Beautiful designs....love them


I love quilting, no particular style. These are gorgeous!

YYTang Lam

I like the designs of this card. Other than quilting, I think they can also be used for card making ,scrapbooking, bookbinding...many ideas are coming up in my mind by a glimpse of the designs...


I love quilting and I love applique


If it has flowers and is in a wreath shaped design, I'll like it! What a great addition to the cards!

laura d

i dont quilt--yet! Love this card though--maybe it'd give me motivation to get into it.

MaryJo Marshall

i love applique and would use this to make some pillows for gifts. love this!

Mel H

So pretty...love the old retro patterns.


I don't quilt but I would use this die for my greeting cards. They would be so elegant. Love my Slice.


Oh my gosh this is totally amazing....I love love my slice and I do love these cards.....

Meredith F.

I'm not sure what my favorite quilting style is, but I love these patterns!

Vicki Skinner

I'm currently making a grandmother's flower garden style quilt and am about to make a baby quilt with animals cut with my slice fabrique.


I don't have a favorite style (depending on the mood) :D


I've only just started quilting. My favourite style? The simple ones I can cope with! But I'm looking forward to my first Slice Fabrique made quilt!

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