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Metal Wall Art

Doing you own home decor has a lot of benefits. It can save you a some money. You can also make your own preferences on the designs and how you wanted it to look like. It is also fun to see the finish product of your idea.


It's been almost 5 months since this was posted. When are we going to get "projects, tutorials, inspiration and more one a weekly basis." Please don't leave us paper crafters high and dry.


I've just spent the last 20 minutes trying to find a "contact us" link with no luck so I'm commenting here. I have a Slice and many design cards, but I'm not using it as much as I like because you are far behind in the social media and technology department. I finally found your Pinterest account just now, my preferred source for inspiration, and there's a pathetic total of two posts... Nothing on the scrapbooking and cardmaking boards. I'm really disappointed. You could learn a thing or two from your competitors (Cricut for instance). Please get with the times.

Slice Crafts

Hi Naomi,

I went to your Pinterest page and see that you have some really great pins! We have been really behind on keeping our pins up, thanks for the reminder. We were recently just bought from Making Memories and cant really use much of our old stuff that we had, so were starting from scratch. Well get up to speed soon, I hope. What kinds of things would you be interested in seeing? From your twitter page, you seem like a really charitable person, so I hope youll forgive our beginner status.



Thanks for your reply. After my post, I did learn of your sale from MM. I'm curious: who owns Slice now? I am primarily a scrapbooker, so I love any posts to do with creative embellishments for paper crafting. This Christmas, I am using my slice, however, for a number of gifts including a framed monogram wall art piece and a seasonal block stack (3 2x2 blocks stacked on each other, the top one being 3 inches long, the middle one six, and the longest one is 9 inches with trios of seasonal words on each of the four sides... It's hard to describe. I'll have to blog about it when it's done! my point is, after paper crafting, gift items would be a close second usage of my Slice. In the past I've even used it to make Mother's Day handouts for all the ladies in my church (on that occasion it was the teacup shape, doubled to create a pocket for a tea bag, with a verse stamped on it.) I guess I should take my own advice and update my blo with one of these projects!!! Thanks again and all the best as you re-create yourself under new ownership. I'll be watching with great interest (and patience!)


Correction: it should read, "update my blog with some of these project!!!"

Gillian Smith

HI: I'm so glad I'm not the only one who couldn't find any help, support. I've been struggling with cutting and embossing as the instructions that comes with it are pretty useless. Mine keeps curling up the paper and doesn't cut the heavy duty paper worth anything. Would like the learn how to figure out how to cut out the words that run at odd angles. Anyone have some help for me, PLEASE?
Thank you
Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, my son just give me the punching machine and I am super happy.
I live in Spain and have not found any page in Spanish on the Slice products, my English is not very good, but I will defend to the google translator jijijijijiji
I'm pleased to meet you


My slice elite wont work when I don't have the powercord in...
I had a lot of problems with it to start with. Bad batch, it's my third machine...

Please help me out here. I have a lot of cards and pens and like the size as i'm a cardmaker with little room. I always use the magnetic collar and plate.



I am so happy and excited about the Slice machine I just got. I am a fan of Vanessa, Crafty Gemini. She made a tutorial about the Slice and i fell in <3 with it and now I got it for my birthday. I have started to slice some letters with felt but can't seem to get that crisp cut but with the tool kit makes it a little better to cut.
Any tips that would help my learn on how to use it for cutting felt?

Thank you,


Do you offer support for the slice machine, I have spent months trying to get support for machine with no luck, as I am in Australia Im not able to call direct. Do you have an email support address?

Deborah Harris

My Slice is only cutting circles no matter what card is in use. It was working fine and then it started this problem. I have homed many times. I had a problem several years ago and the HELP SUPPORT (which I could not find this time) suggested WD-40 and this did not help. I have a lot invested in this machine and am very upset that the HELP SUPPORT is no longer available to owners.
I could really use some help with this problem.


My machine quit reading one of my cards. Any suggestions?

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