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Linda Bragg

I love to use mason jars to give people brownie mix or cookie mix and I love to get them.


My favorite handmade holiday gift to give is cards. I love to make cards as they can brighten someone's day.

Nancy B from Many LA

I like anything handmade, but no one I know does that. I quilt and crochet, so make a lot of stuff. I had a cousin that needlepointed a pillow for me every year. I really loved her gifts. SHe passed away a few years ago, and I treasure the things I have from her.


I really LOVE to sew flannel "raggy" quilts for children and babies that are born during the year and at Christmas. They are so snuggly, and get softer each time you wash them. Super easy too, just big squares.
I love to receive anything "handmade" because of the time and thought put into this gift.
Happy Holidays!

Lisa Barber

I love to sew fleece hats & scarfs for my son. He looks forward to receiving a new set every Christmas. I love to receive anything that is handcrafted. To me, it means the person put a lot of thought and love into their creation.

Heidi Muska

I love making ornaments to give. I also like getting them! There are so many different kinds! :) Great giveaway! I really could use one of these!


I do daycare and I love to make all the kids an ornament each year with there name on it somewhere. This year I am going to use my Slice to put their names on mitten shaped wall plaques and it will have a hanger for a hat and a pair of mittens.

jean lynch

i love to make candles i teacups that lasts long after the festive season

Tracy Forsberg

One year I made all (6) of my grandsons pj's alike!! I love making (and receiving) cards, too.


I love handmade gifts. My favorite one to give is cookies.

Marilyn Strain

I knit socks all year long and give them to all the family and friends for Christmas. I also make all my Christmas and birthday cards.

Marlena Megerian

In addition to scrapbooking, I also knit. This year I am making socks for my family.

Amanda Outland

I think my favorite to receive is drawings from my niece & nephew (3 1/2 & 2). My favorite to give is cards!

roxanne sears

Homemade baked goods- these don't even compare to the store bought stuff and I never have time to bake :) It's especially fun when they attach a cute saying that goes with the item.


I love giving and receiving cookies and fudge. Nothing beats homemade deserts. Thanks for the chance!

Tracy Van reet

I LOVE giving & receiving homemade goodies, especially these days when few even attempt it.

Lisa Johnson Cowell

I would like to receive a fruitcake! But as far as handmade goods, they don't have to be handmade, but if it is something that I can use to make handmade items, that would be great!

Mary Hildenbrand

Cookies! Lots and lots of cookies.

Gail VB

Any home made goodies, hand crafted Christmas cards, Christmas letters from friends with stories of the things they've done…these are just a few of my "favorite things"

Renee Smith

I really like anything homemade!! I love getting home made candles. Or quilts. or jewelry. or scrapbooks.
I guess I am not picky!!

Margaret Gannon

I like to give or receive personalised presents with initials on them


i love anything handmade, some of my makes this year have been, tea towel toppers, hot water bottle covers, aprons, embroidered towels, christmas stockings and soft toys,

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