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charlotte howett

Getting to sing all the original Christmas Songs and listening to them all. Love the music.

Lisa Barber

We started the tradition Elf on the Shelf. Even though our son is 9 years old, he still looks forward to looking for "Jack" and seeing what crazy thing he is up too.

Caron Smith

My favorite holiday traditions are the decorating. I love decorating the house, the office and myself!! Another is my husband playing Santa for my Granddaugher. She had her first Christmas last year and my husband donned a Santa suit. Lots of pictures were taken. It's our new tradition that will continue this year and for many years to come. Other friends are now requesting my husband Santa for their little ones.

patty clayton

I always enjoyed St. Nick. I would pick the largest sock I owned to hang. As I got older around 9, I made my own stocking. I cut it out of felt and hand sewed. It was a site.


My thaworit tradition is decorating my christmas tree whith oldest decoration , this card is really very beautiful i hope to win thank you

Laura S.

My favorite holiday tradition is placing a pickle ornament on one of our Christmas trees. Whoever finds it first gets a fun extra present (a nice box of candy or a little card/dice game, etc.)


Oh, it has to be Christmas Caroling! That's my favorite tradition.

Danielle Ryerson

My favorite tradition is christmas pajama's! It gets us all ready for Santa and excited for the morning :)


I make Christmas cookies with my grandsons. They get to measure everything and then decorate them. I also give them a chore list to earn money to buy their mom a gift

Suzy Gray

There are so many.... But we all love baking


When the kids were little we would all come downstairs and sleep around the Christmas tree and leave the lights on until all the kids were asleep. Mom and Dad let the kids do it now so that we can enjoy the next day!

Heather W.

Decorating my Christmas tree :)

Gina S.

Decorating the tree with the kids.

Linda Bragg

My favorite tradition is making cookies and eating them when we are decorating the Christmas tree.


Listening to the holiday music while crafting. turning all the lights off - except for the tree - on Christmas Eve. I sit in the glow of the tree and think about all the good things that happened thru the year and look forward to the next year.

Tracy Forsberg

My daughters coming home and baking Christmas cookies together - they get to acting so silly and I absolutely Love it!!


Decorating christmas tree with the kids.

Margaret Gannon

It has to be singing Xmas Carols whilst decorating the tree.

Vanessa L

My favorite holiday tradition is attending the Christmas Eve church service with my family followed by a special meal at home.

Mary Wrigley

Making our families traditional cookies. Just finished up a batch of fruit cake cookies.

Liz Robertson

When my kids were young it would be decorating the tree and singing carols. These days it is the Church Christmas program.

Wendy Potts

Well didn't think we had many traditions until my teenager told me "we have Christmas lunch not dinner" when I tried to move it to suit his late night working. Also being in New Zealand I never have new potatoes from our garden until Christmas lunch.

Gloria Kratz

Watching it's a wonderful life.

debbie herman

I always loved Christmas music.

Lisa Cowell

I don't have any holiday traditions, but would like to start some now that I have a granddaughter. I will start small with a stocking with appliques I make with my Slice!

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