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not sure, must of the stuff I create just pops up in my head. but maybe my garden

Jean Burr

This is a difficult question - I don't have just one crafting inspiration BUT my biggest one is the CREATE TV and the many crafters highlighted. From Sue Hausmann and Donna Dewberry to my biggest inspiration Nancy Zieman. I could sit 24 hours watch the shows and be inspired.


My creativity comes from something that will catch my eye and I see it in all different kinds of ways...it could be a color, a picture, words to a song, a piece of material, or just anything. Something has a "spirit" and it needs to be brought to life in someway I can see it.

Tracy Forsberg

I believe right now, all the crafty people on Pinterest are my idols-such creativity and inspiration!! I could literally spend hours looking at all the ideas.

Suzy Gray

I adore Teresa Collins. She's so talented and never fails to inspire but more important she's the sweetest, kindest most thoughtful and genuine person I've ever met

charlotte howett

My Grandmother was. She was very simple with her things but she loved doing it and she is the one that inspired me the most.

Irene merletti

My children, two girls, are my first ispiration


My grandma was my biggest idol. She has been gone many years and I still have quilts that she made that are holding fast. She always used old dresses for squares and so you could see her in them! She always said she made them to be used and would be disappointed to find them just hanging. We use our for the beach, for working on the car, and for just laying in the grass. I always think about her each and every time I see it!

Linda Bragg

My Mom was my crafting inspiration she always made crafting fun and our home special with all the holiday crafts and home made gifts to make everyone feel special.


My parents both have been always so much creative and helped me learn so much.

Rochelle Kornegay

My biggest inspiration is Mother Nature herself. Her colors are outstanding and she's everywhere.


I too like many have to say it is my Mom. She created window decorations for the holidays, sewn identical fabric clothing for her 8 children,created homemade Halloween treats for the neighborhood trick or treaters, placing them in those cute giveaway bags that were so popular in my childhood. Also with her help, we made a patchwork quilt in the 70's.

Debra Lee

My sister. She has amazing quilting skills!


My biggest inspiration are my kids. Some of the things they say make great titles. Thanks for the chance.


My biggest crafting inspiration is Craftsy - there are some really great online classes from very talented instructors.

Beth Wulff

My biggest inspiration was my Grandma. She was an avid crocheter and seamstress. Doilies were her specialty. She wouldn't even look at her work or read a pattern, and they would come out beautifully! I really miss her.....


I would say my mother. We had a large family and I had never seen her craft anything. When we all left home she started sewing, knitting and papercrafting. She never had time to do it when we were younger.

Barb H

It's hard to choose one person. My grandma's sisters were all very talented women. They quilted, crocheted, tatted, did beautiful embroidery, and were very skilled seamstresses in addition to being fabulous cooks and gardeners. Christine owned a dress/fabric shop for many years in rural Iowa in the first half of the 20th century. Sister Mary, probably inspired me the most. She tried to teach me to tat when I was about 8 years old. She wasn't able to teach me then but I did learn later and it's the most relaxing and satsifying way to pass the time.

Lisa Johnson Cowell

My biggest inspiration right now is Vanessa Wilson - the Crafty Gemini. I have been doing most of the things she teaches for 50 years, but I can always find some tip in her videos that makes doing a thing easier. I am self-taught, so learned most things through trial and error, so any tip on making a thing better is always helpful. In fact, it was Vanessa who introduced me to the Slice. I would love to win this card, as I do not have it yet in my ever-growing collection. Thanks!

Katherine Devlin

My mother-in-law is probably my biggest inspiration. I started to crochet in an effort to befriend her when I was first dating my now-husband, and now we love to share whatever new crafts and techniques we come across with one another. It is always a treat to show our newest works-in-progress to each other.

Margaret Gannon

My biggest inspiration has to be from the Create and Craft tv channel and then it has to be Jennie Rayment and Debbie Shore. It was Debbie Shore who introduced me to the Slice on Create and Craft.

Victoria Campbell

My mum - she doesn't craft that often but when she does it's always done to perfection and looks absolutely beautiful! :)


My Grandmother always loved my creations - which made me craft more. But ideas I get off youtube, blogs and pintrest. There are some amazingly creative people out there and I love to see what they are creating.

Pam Spradlin

I would say my sister is my biggest inspiration. She is the person that got me into scrapbooking. But then I read a lot of blogs of other scrapbookers so I know I get inspiration from them. One of my favorites is Teresa Collins because you can tell in anything that she does it revolves around family. I find that I scrap with quite a bit of Teresa Collins' lines because of that.

Danique Martin

My original crafting inspiration was my mom. She got me started in my late teens when she brought me to a stampin up party. Now I've been Papercrafting, sewing, quilting and more for years and two years ago I bought a yarn shop!

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