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Amanda Outland

What is your favorite sport?


michelle bombet minch

What is my favorite sport? Hmmm....biking!

Amanda Gobin

I love football!

Kim M

To watch? Football!

To play? Tennis!


My favourite sport, it's a difficult choice really can't decide between ski jumping or gymnastics, only to watch though, no way am I going to launch myself off a ski jump!

Vanessa L

My favorite sport is tennis. Thanks for the chance to win!

Ingvar Kvinnesland

my favourite sport is swimming. lots candy to look at ;-) I also like Ice Dancing


hmmm Shopping especially on Black Friday

Marlene Milligan

Been using my slice for scrapbooking for several years ... I am now excited to use it for quilting as well. So happy when I can get a lot of mileage out of something. Love my slice.


I love College Football!!!!!


I love football college or nfl doesnt matter


Love tennis :)


SOCCER!! My son played soccer and my grandsons play now--it's a sport that I understand.

valeria acosta

My favorite sport is basketball :)

Linda Bragg

My favorite sport is football my daughter is in Marching Band so I love to go to the games.

Suzy Gray

I used to play tennis on teams. I still enjoy watching it and hockey is exciting. We also love to watch the Olympics..... Totally sports obsessed those couple weeks ever 2 years lol

Karen Persing

My favorite sport is definitely Football......go Bears!


Athletic running.

Allyson D

My favorite to watch is Football or Lacrosse but I am a cheerleading coach so I get to do that too


I've never played sports. I was in the marching band and always loved the football games the best so I'll say football!

Lisa Cowell

My favorite is swimming.


Yoga is my favourite sport


fav sport I do is tramping. fav one to watch Is my son playing rugby

Marsha Kruse

My favorite sport to watch is ice skating. I trip over my own two feet often so it is a delight to watch the ice skaters glide across the ice.

Lynn Wells

My favorite sport can be seen every four years, the Winter Olympics! But if I have to pick one it would be skiing. But then there is hockey and football! So many to choose from!

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