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Marilyn Strain

My favorite vacation was 3 years ago when my DH & I went back to my home town for my *50th* high school class reunion. We stayed a week in a cabin at the lake and it was heavenly.

Jo-Ann Kaschak

Before our dinner our granddaughter Sherlyn Michele requested we all gather around the big flag pole her Daddy recently placed in their front yard. She asked us to say the Pledge of Allegiance and then sing God Bless America. She can touch really touch our hearts with her thoughtful ideas and actions.


I love going home to visit my Grandparents on Cape Cod and enjoying all the carnivals every summer.

melanie tirey

My favorite vacation was to Lake Bright, Ontario Canada whent he girls were teenagers-it was our last family vacation. The girls learned to waterski and we fished and ate by a bonfire everynight. It was so relaxing with no phones, no TV, no distractions.


My favorite vacation was heading to the Jersey shore with my family. We usually camped at Hidden Acres for a week and spent entire days on the beach at Sea Ilse or Strathmere. One year us kids were up late and toads were out all over the campground. We collected them and dumped them in the women's bathroom.

Lisa Barber

My favorite vacation was when our family went to Walt Disney World. It was my son's (who was 7 at the time) first time there and it was priceless. We hope to be able to go back soon.

Lisa Johnson Cowell

We have not had a summer vacation for several years, but this year we are going to revisit one of our favorites - Ohio Amish Country!

Jo Ann

My favorite summer vacation was a few years ago when my husband and I took a nostalgic trip to visit all the homes we had lived in since each of our childhoods. We were amazed at how small those "big" houses were!! Took pictures of each place to make a scrapbook, and it was truly fun and, well... nostalgic!

Victoria Campbell

My favourite family holiday was when we went to Disneyland florida for a week and then onto clearwater beach. We took my grandparents too and it was amazing. I remember being sat down at the table and being told that we were going and being so excited (I was 11). It really was amazing. My favourite friends holiday was when I went to Malia in Greece. I just love the chilled out nature and the weather!


My favorite growing up was a trip we made to DC for two weeks--we got to see so much, and even stop by the beaches in VA on the way up :-)

Sharon G

Every year that I can remember as a child was spent in Wisconsin on Little Spider Lake. We could fish, which my brother did with Dad, my mom read books and I swam and swam and swam. I would start at 7:00 AM if my mom would have let me.
At night we had fires and played in the guest house/bar, they had pin ball machines and board games.

On Sunday we went to church and the to my fav, PAUL BUNYAN'S, it's a family(lumberjack) style place and the had the best scrambled eggs and flapjacks! Then back to the resort and swim some more!
I took my kids back there several year ago and we have been back twice, still the same, I just don't swim now I scrapbook and the kids have fun none stop.
Great Memories! Thank you for letting me share that.


My favorite summer vacation was when we went to Colorado and went camping at several places in the state. We saw snow in July! Being from Texas and hardly ever seeing snow, I was amazed it existed in July.

Pam Spradlin

My most favorite vacation was when my husband and I went to see my sister in northern California. We decided to take our dogs and camp out at night even though it was not actually camping weather. The very last night we pulled into this town in the mountains and found a park where we could set our tent up. When we woke up in the morning it was freezing, probably only in the 50's but it was cold, and even with that where my husband had chosen to pitch the tent was on top on several ant beds. We were bit up and so were the dogs. Several of the places we set up camp were free so the trip wasn't ultra expensive. And it was loads of fun even if we did itch the last 300 miles to home.

Jalayne Van Gorden

My favorite summer vacation was when I was a little girl my single Dad took his 5 kids on a road trip to New Mexico to see his parents. It was a three day trip in the family station wagon and I can still see the movie screen at the KOA camp ground playing the nightly movie. There are so many little scenes like that in my head from that trip!


My favourite holiday was to Macleod Ganj in India where the Dalai
Lama lives. It was a beautiful place up in the mountains with a lovely serene feel to it. I hope to go back again someday as the photographic studio deleted all the photos from the memory stick of my camera.

Charlene Burleigh

Portland Maine to visit my son! Went fishing in the bay, then to Kennebunkport & Old Orchard beach! My favorite because I get to spend time with family!

Danielle May

My favorite summer vacation was any vacation with my husband and children.

Seema S

My favorite summer vacation was when we went to atlinburg..had such a great time.

Carla Hundley

So far my fave vacation was in
2006 when my husband and I rode
our Harley mc to Mount Rushmore and
stayed at Mount Rushmore KOA. Pretty
nice KOA! We saw all the sights in
the area, rode over 3,000 miles on
whole trip. So much fun, just the
two of us.
Carla from Utah

Judy C.

My favorite is happening right now. Visiting with my brother's family at our mom's. She is 90 and don't know if it will happen again as there is a 2500 mile difference between the farthest two parties and since all the " kids" still work it's pretty hard to coordinate schedules. So this was a very special 4th indeed!


i think when i was a kid every year i went to my nan and pops caravan at the beach to stay for 2 weeks in the summer holidays, i got to fish, help my nan with peeling the prawns and learn a bunch of card games etc. no tv eva!!! plus i did not have my little brother to annoy we either!!! i loved those summers.

Diane Standish

my favorite summer vacation was when I got to go to Albuquerque to see my daughter-I spent a month there and we went all over New Mexico and also went to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Phoenix! It was the trip of a lifetime!

Karen Persing

My favorite vacation was going to Key West for my 50th birthday. My sweetie and I had a blast. One very vivid memory was driving down to the Keys from Miami in a convertible......U S 1.....ocean on both sides.....music blaring....hair flying in the breeze....sun & fun!


Two years ago We took our kids to Disney for the first time.. We all had a wonderful time. Thanks for the chance.


After waiting many years and saving our money, we were finally able to take a family vacation to Disney world!! It was all that we hoped for and more!! Would love to win this awesome disc!! Thanks for the chance!!!!

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